Future of Google Sites - 9 New Updates

Here are some of the key take aways from the Google Next 2019 Session on Google Sites: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1XpTDj7UXPI

  1. Site Migration - We can expect incremental improvement to the migration tool as new features become available.
  2. Image Carousel / Slideshow - It seems like they are poised to release this feature, which many have clamored for. It is an in-page gadget and looks to be paginated with buttons. We didn't see arrows or the settings menu.
  3. Cloud Search - Presumably coming soon, this search bar was added in the content area, but can go anywhere on the site. It searches Drive, Sites, and even Gmail!
  4. Use Cases - The Google Sites team will focus most on intranets and corporate team sites. It should be optimized for enterprise.
  5. New Dashboards - We saw both a sneak peak of the unified Sites dashboard and an admin dashboard for Classic Sites usage, which will help them evaluate which Sites to migrate.
  6. Style Customization - Text customization, better branding options, collapsible text and the aforementioned carousel. We will get more control on New Sites soon.
  7. Template Gallery - Seeded with a few examples from the Sites team, this gallery will also allow you to publish templates for your domain.
  8. Better Collaboration - Informed publishing, site revision and page revision history. Also editor commenting. Sites will become more like Google Docs in this capacity.
  9. Freshness - Certain provisions for denoting the freshness and how current content is with a Site Badge with contact option.


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