Friday, January 21, 2011

Tips - Useful Gadgets

Gadgets are embeddable elements that can be tools, devices, games, or portals.  Google provides the a suite of useful gadgets related to Google Apps such as Calendar, Forms, Picasa Photos, Text Boxes, etc.  However, have you ever delved into the "more gadgets" option of your "insert" tab?  There's some great stuff, let's review.

Let's Explore More Gadgets...!

Google Checkout and Paypal Simple Storefront
These gadgets are wonderful for implementing e-commerce on your website.  Really, there are two options with Google Checkout, there's a little button for one-item purchasing and a whole store with cart option.

I have not tried out Paypal's Simple Storefront, but I can only assume they went with "simple" because it's straightforward.  Paypal is like the industry standard for online shopping, ever since E-bay, Paypal has been the pioneer of safe shopping.  Google Checkout is still rather obscure, but equally effective for credit card transactions.

Try Ecommerce with Paypal, You are credible in no time.

Conversation Element
This a new gadget that showed up in the "featured" category not to long ago.  It is quick and easy for people to leave feedback, question, comments, suggestions on your website using their Google Account.  I know I've seen demand for this type of a gadget time and again from the Google Sites Help Forum.  I had tried the Google Moderator gadget before this and found it too unmanageable.

Very Nice, not bulky at all and easy to use.

Code Wrapper
Type "code wrapper" into the search bar for public gadgets and this will come up.  I have used it when toying around with coding hover / mouse-over images per the tutorial of Mori79 (  You can see where I tried that here:  The potential of this gadget is awesome since it works with javascript.

I'm plum out of time to explore more gadgets right now.  Hope this helps you add some nice elements to your website. 
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