Monday, November 21, 2011

Web Designer Font Favorite - Mangosteen


A serif font from, Download Mangosteen

Sort of gives you the feel of the classic Copperplate Gothic, but provides a higher, thinner rendition. A beautiful free font that can stand on it own typographically. This is a nice gem of a font - take a look on how we used it below.

A nice final product using Mangosteen from

Here is How We Made this Graphic

It's not hard to make this graphic look pretty cool.

  1. We picked a vibrant orange, #ff6600, being mangosteen and all. 
  2. We didn't kern this font at all, it is nicely uniformly spaced.
  3. Duplicated the main text. Converted the Object to a Path (this transforms it into a vector image rather than a text object)
  4. Changed to #fff white.
  5. Dynamic Offset allows you to grow the text image.
  6. Duplicated the main text and changed color to #000, black and toggled opacity to 8.8% almost transparent really.
  7. Clicked twice on the now gray text to slant the text left to right and maneuvered to create the shadow.
Have fun with Mangosteen

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