My Small Business - Website Improvements

I recently upgraded by business' website appearance to reflect professionalism and clean design.  A big part of web design is of course graphic design.  I am not a professional graphic designer so I use works that artists provide free to the web design community.  It is important to make sure any images, photos, etc are approved by the artist for commercial application.  This narrows the field quite significantly.

Here are my favorite sources for free, commercial use graphics:

(Note: Make sure the images you use are specifically approved for commercial use by author/artist)

Take a look at the new site at  Here's a screenshot for the timid.

Pretty Nice Eh?  Google Sites can look good, I promise!


  1. That is definitely right! Now.. think about every aspect of it before building a new site.

    Website Design Australia

    1. That is really cool. Thanks for sharing the details here.


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