Video Tutorial #4 - Page Layout, Pictures, Animations

Here are the main points of my latest video:
  • Planning Images/Pictures
  • Inserting .GIF Animations
  • Selecting Page Layout
  • Formatting Text and Horizontal Lines (HTML)

If you would like a topic specifically covered in next week's video please comment.  Thanks for tuning in and please follow my blog for updates.  You can visit my youtube channel at


  1. Rob from youtube reporting in lol. Very impressive indeed. Sites has come a long way. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Very nice tutorial. How do you make the gif file to import onto the site?

  3. I make my .gif files using GIMP. Which I think if you Google "GIMP tutorial .gif animation" you should have some good walkthroughs on making a solid one.

    And like I said, I upload to a third party site and then insert that image via link.

  4. very nice post, i certainly love this website, keep on it

  5. Hi. great tutorials. Helped me a lot. I do have a question though - I enter a text in one of the layouts but after I save it, the text goes beyond the layouts' boundaries. Any idea what do I do? thnx

  6. Thanks so much for these tutorials - Sites is not nearly as intuit as I had hoped it would be, but I'm getting there. Quick question: You jumped from that really basic background image to the fancy one with the dissolving pictures and you got it to be centered on the page! How'd you do that? I haven't been able to get the background image to center - it just pins to the side of the page :(

  7. Thank you! I think I got some idea on how to design my website better. :)

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