Video Tutorial - Embed Tools from Google

Learn to embed those important tools like Google calendars and Google Docs.

See the progress made to our sandbox website 

A Bit of a Summary
This video focuses on important elements to any Google Site, that is, using the inherent interactivity of Google Docs and Calendars, etc, to convey and gather information.  Google Doc's forms are fairly simple and I show you where the input information shows up and how to be notified via e-mail.

Note: Remember it is important to make your Docs and Calendars public for them to be seen on a public website.  Also, make sure that your Calendar has a relevant time zone, this setting is available in..."settings!"

Google Sites makes it wonderfully easy to implement these practical applications.  Love Google Sites and the Google Apps package.


  1. Love all your tuts, very easy to follow for newbies. Please do more...btw, could you show us how to create a mortgage calculator for Googlesites. Thanks

  2. how about making images into links. previous info very helpful.


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