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Google announced a new service to webmasters, an important tool to acquire new clients.  That new program is called Google Engage.

Use Adwords to help you and your clients
I applied for this program and was accepted, meaning I had at my disposal training on Google Adwords (online advertising) and a lot of Adword's coupons to divvy out to my clients ($2,000 worth!)  Why is this cool?  Diversity of services gives a competitive advantage.  Not only can you sell your client a website, but you can help them along with selling their product or services.  It is a sort of value-addition to my proposals ($100 coupon for Adwords seems like a nice gesture).

So, I applied for the program, the application was easy enough and they (Google) says they will call you, which they did.  I received a call from a nice woman who asked a couple questions and even said my Google Sites websites looked nice.

Ooooo, Google badge of honor
I took four 20 minute courses.  Now I can help setup my client's Adwords account and help them advertise.  It's like being an advertising consultant, pretty neat.  Now, it is obvious where Google is benefiting here; basically you're an informal salesman of Google.  They can even get you certified as their partner (that's a nice looking accreditation).
We hope Engage will help businesses that offer web services in attracting new clients and in adding value to existing clients. Check out Google Engage today and learn about the benefits the program can offer your business and the SMBs you support.
See links below for more information:
Google Engage for US Businesses
Google Engage for UK Businesses


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