Tip - Discover Inkscape

You have proudly developed a freeware arsenal for web design.  Your using Google Sites, GIMP, but you want to create finished graphic products.  I have experimented for the past couple weeks with Inkscape - free vector image editor. What's a vector image?  See below and you'll get a grasp of what I'm talking about.

Now, I know you have a lot on your table: You've learned Google Sites, you tackled the learning curve of a photo-editing program, and now vector imaging is another big task. I would encourage you to dive right in and play around, view tutorials which are essential to building skills.

I would like all Google Sites designers to be enabled to do more and do it well.  Reverse a stereo-type that we take the easy way out, remind our customers that we strive to be more creative artistically.

My business, Kirksville Web Design, is getting better, because either you are growing or your deteriorating. Keep honing those skills! Check out what I made with this tutorial.  I was amazed.


  1. Welcome to the Inkscape Starter. Here you’ll learn the basics of Inkscape, get started with a few basic vector graphic projects, and discover some tips and tricks for using Inkscape.


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