Kirksville Web Design's Social Media Icon Pack

It can be a difficult task just to find the perfect social media icon set. So made our own Kirksville Web Design Social Media Icon Pack!

We created our icons using Inkscape (similar to Adobe Illustrator) and saved all the icons in .svg format. We also provided all the icons in 32px and 64px .png sizes.

Here's what's included in your icon pack:
  • Google Plus Icon - 32x32px, 64x64px, vector .svg
  • Twitter Icon - 32x32px, 64x64px, vector .svg
  • Facebook Icon - 32x32px, 64x64px, vector .svg
  • Linkedin Icon - 32x32px, 64x64px, vector .svg
This icon set is not some corny rendition of an icon. They are as close to the real deal as we could get.

Here's an example of the style.

Available in Flat Color,  Light Reflection, and Shaded.

Download all the icons in a .zip file via Pay with a Tweet:


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