Top 6 Google Webfonts for Google Sites


I think everyone knows I love typography. Ever since the Google Sites team released the availability of the hundreds of Google WebFonts I have striven to take advantage of the best fonts around. There are readable fonts, striking fonts, accent fonts and cute fonts.

I've cut through to the cream of the crop and found the best fonts suited for Google Sites. So enjoy these top 6 webfonts for Google Sites and implement them on your Google Sites template designs and portfolios.


This is a newcomer and is trending because of its slab-serif style, reminiscent I think of Museo, which is very popular as well but not a Webfont.


This font is narrow, masculine and bold. I think it is ideal for paragraph headings. Reminds me of Bebas Neue in a way. Remember narrow isn't great for paragraph text.

Open Sans

It's the poster child font for Google, besides their logo. Clean and crisp, it's a great all-around font that is very legible. Use it at 16px/12pt for best results.

PT Serif

This is my go to serif font. You know how many webfonts don't render too well, especially at small sizes? Well this does great and overcomes that pitfall for many of the Google Sites fonts.


It's a bit fun this font, I mean it's unique and works wonderfully as another all-around-good-font for Google Sites. Check out those interesting little tweaks that make this font great.


This font renders a bit bolder and bigger and therefore is good in certain Google Sites applications where that is needed. I'm featuring it in a Google Site I'm designing right now, so yay!


It's intimidating to look at that gigantic drop down menu of Google Sites fonts, but make some wise choices and pick something that looks best on any screen, any size and any browser. Have fun with your next Google Site!


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  2. I really like Sanchez. Have seen it everywhere but didn't know what it was called. Thanks for that. Will be using it on one of my sites soon :)

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  5. I look at all of these and it's difficult to choose just one as they are all so beautiful in their own way. I really like the simple looking fonts, rather than some of the fancy ones some websites choose. They make it very difficult to read the site, IMO.

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