85 Excellent Reviews for Google Sites Design Service

We reached a new goal in the Google Apps Marketplace as +Kirksville Web Design . We are the most reviewed, highly rated Google Sites designer on the entire Marketplace. As our title mentions, we have 85 positive reviews for our design services using just Google Sites.

Here are our three most recent reviews from April, 2014:

Will Use Again by Ismael Amado with Flagship Inc.
April 09, 2014

Kirksville Web Design was able to help us realize our goal of using google sites as a replacement for our aging sharepoint system. The designs were clean, elegant, and easy to use.

Will not hesitate to engage Kyle and his team again if/when the need arises.

Great Experience by Dane Deutsch with DCS Netlink
April 08, 2014

Very satisfied with our experience with Kirksville Web Design! Great service, and outstanding ability to understand the customer needs, from the planning to the design and content aspects of their web page. Kyle is a team player who works in a very relaxed and confident manner. He delivers on what he promises. Tough to find a company in this day and age that does what they promise to do. Great Job Kyle and the whole Kirksville Web Design Team!

Excellent outcome by Kurt Weideling with Monash University
April 01, 2014

Really happy with the service provided by the Kirksville team. Managed to achieve all of our desired outcomes in a very prompt time frame and as a sign of what a globalised world we live in the fact that we're based on opposite sides of the world wasn't a problem!
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Thank you for supporting us as the Best Google Sites Designer!


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