Custom Domain Mapping - How to Setup New Sites Web Address

It looks like very soon G Suite Admins will be able to setup a custom web address domain for their New Google Sites. According to Google's blog post earlier today, it should be done through the admin counsel and be very similar to the Classic Sites process.

Go to:

  2. Apps > Google Sites
  3. Web Address Mapping
  4. Add a New Web Address
  5. Include your site's current URL extension, for example, , the extension would be newsite
  6. Select a subdomain of a domain or domain alias in your G Suite.
  7. Complete and then handle the DNS Records modications through your domain registrar

Google explained in their blog post introduction that organizations need the option to setup simple web addresses for their Google Sites. You know, so organizations can just refer to or . Of course this not only helps Google Sites intranet users but those who wish to use Google Sites for public websites. But it seems at this point, G Suite is a requirement.

Here are their important notes:
  • For sites that are viewable within your organization only, the link is redirected to the Google Sites URL (such as
  • New Sites address mappings automatically provision domain-validated SSL certificates for secure connections. You cannot use other certificates.
  • You may need to wait up to 24 hours to see your changes reflected. This feature is not available for trial domains.
Thanks all. 


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