Monday, June 30, 2014

New Google Sites - Analytics, Responsive Menu, Headings and more

I'm still testing out these Google Sites updates. However, in the interest of keeping you all informed on the current build of Google Sites, I am posting the updates for you now.

Improved accessibility, editing and ease of use in Google Sites
Several accessibility improvements have been made to Google Sites, ranging from new keyboard shortcuts for editors (like Alt+Shift+F for opening the editor toolbar) to better viewing experiences for readers. Editors can now also set image width to 100% of the screen width and easily customize the font, color, and size of lower-level headers (H2, H3, and H4 tags).*


Enhanced integration between Google Sites and other products
Today we launched several features aimed at improving integration between Google Sites and other products. When sharing on social media sites, Google Sites now will showcase images in posts. You’ll see this change when you share Sites links on Google+ and other sites. Google Analytics support on Sites has been improved to support Universal analytics. Finally, Sites can now embed Google Maps Engine Lite, so custom maps you have created can be shared side-by-side with your content.


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Google Sites Viewer Comments System


Google Sites commenting has been a nice feature since it started using a Google Plus type format. The commenting feature, however, was restricted to Google Site owners and editors. It was a feature for viewers to use and for more general comments to be given. This, in effect, made it an awkward feature since the purpose was muddled.

Anyways, people developed work arounds using Disqus and other Google Apps Script solutions. Now, let me introduce new and improved viewer commenting capability.

Please note, viewer commenting does not mean public commenting. It is still the case the you cannot enable commenting for the random visitor to leave a comment on your page (leave that to your blog).

Please note, this feature is only available for Google Apps customers.

Enabling Viewer Commenting

As a Google Apps administrator, you can allow authenticated viewers in your domain to comment on your Google Apps Sites to make your sites more social. Viewer commenting is disabled by default, and when you enable this feature, each individual site owner can decide whether they want to turn on viewer commenting for their sites.

Viewer commenting is enabled or disabled at two levels:The domain administrator allows site owners to enable or disable viewer commenting for their sites.
The individual site owners turn viewer commenting on or off for their site.

Step 1: Configuration for domain administrators
  • The domain administrator can enable or disable viewer commenting for the entire organization, or for an individual organizational unit by following these steps:
  • Sign in to the Google Admin console. 
  • Click Google Apps > Sites > Sharing settings.
  • In the Organizations section, select the organizational unit for which you want to enable or disable viewer commenting.
  • In the Viewer commenting section, select whether to enable or disable viewer commenting.

Click Save changes.

Step 2: Configuration for site owners
  • Once viewer commenting has been enabled at the administrator level, a site owner can enable or disable viewer comments through their site settings:
  • Click the gear icon at the top of the page and select Manage site.
  • In the General tab check or uncheck Allow page viewers to comment.

When the box is checked, authenticated users who have viewer access to the site can add their comments.


Why is this important? This greatly helps intranets to be more social. People can leave their comments on Announcements and there can be more of an engaging atmosphere that allows for feedback and commendation. It is an overall morale boost to Google Sites.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Google Gooru Admin Training Week

I wanted to make sure I personally invited you to this round of Admin Training Week. I also wanted to let you know that this Admin Training Week will be very different than the last one:
  • 9 presentations (3 more than last time)
  • All new topics (no overlap from last time)
  • Roundtable discussion with real Google Apps Admins
Of course, there will still be some awesome freebies like last time (free t-shirt, eBook, sponsor offers), along with 9 different drawings for a Nexus 7!

So, if you have time in your calendar on the 17th, 18th and 19th, it would be great to have you again for the next Admin Training Week.

Register Here

Hope to see you there!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Google Sites Security Update

The Security Issue
It was not possible to secure your content by not allowing your entire site or webpages to be iframed. Anyone could iframe your site since you had no protection against it.

The Update
You can prevent others from iframing your Google Site. See the provision below:

The Result
If someone tries to iframe your site into another Google Site or elsewhere, it will just be a blank iframe. For some of us, this resulted in our iframed content going missing. Just check the box in Manage Site options to reenable for iframed content.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Sites Admin Training with Google Gooru - 4/24/2014

Google Gooru Admin Training Week
Please join us Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week for our very first Google Gooru Admin Training Week! We'll be joined by several leading experts in the Google Apps community who will cover everything there is to know about managing Google Apps

Register Here ---> Google Gooru's Admin Training Week

Every session will be held via Hangout on Air, so anyone is welcome to attend.

You can register for each event below...see you tomorrow!
April 22nd - Admin Console and Apps Script

April 23rd - Google Drive and FlashPanel

April 24th - Google Sites and Mobile Device Management with +Kyle Horst

Monday, April 14, 2014

85 Excellent Reviews for Google Sites Design Service

We reached a new goal in the Google Apps Marketplace as +Kirksville Web Design . We are the most reviewed, highly rated Google Sites designer on the entire Marketplace. As our title mentions, we have 85 positive reviews for our design services using just Google Sites.

Here are our three most recent reviews from April, 2014:

Will Use Again by Ismael Amado with Flagship Inc.
April 09, 2014

Kirksville Web Design was able to help us realize our goal of using google sites as a replacement for our aging sharepoint system. The designs were clean, elegant, and easy to use.

Will not hesitate to engage Kyle and his team again if/when the need arises.

Great Experience by Dane Deutsch with DCS Netlink
April 08, 2014

Very satisfied with our experience with Kirksville Web Design! Great service, and outstanding ability to understand the customer needs, from the planning to the design and content aspects of their web page. Kyle is a team player who works in a very relaxed and confident manner. He delivers on what he promises. Tough to find a company in this day and age that does what they promise to do. Great Job Kyle and the whole Kirksville Web Design Team!

Excellent outcome by Kurt Weideling with Monash University
April 01, 2014

Really happy with the service provided by the Kirksville team. Managed to achieve all of our desired outcomes in a very prompt time frame and as a sign of what a globalised world we live in the fact that we're based on opposite sides of the world wasn't a problem!
View All our Reviews on the Google Apps Marketplace

Thank you for supporting us as the Best Google Sites Designer!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

New Google Sites Updates - More Button & Pop-up

More Button
Just a simple change of user experience. The More Button, as we all called it, is now a more commonly seen gear or cog icon. Therefore it gives the impression of Global Settings.

Pop-up Disclaimer
You've probably seen this initial website load-up shadow boxes. Well now Google Sites has one. Right now it is text only and is optional.

There you go, just two quick updates that I've seen come through. Is this a weekly thing now? Thanks Google Sites team.
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