Sunday, June 19, 2016

Take a look at the New Google Sites

The New Google Sites is beginning an early adopter, beta like stage. Get information from us on what's new. What is the difference between these two products? Should you choose to make a Google Site in the Classic or New mode?

View the full news article
View the side by side comparison
New Google Sites Early Adopter Program

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

5 Google Sites with Big Colorful Backgrounds

We have been designing many Google Sites these past few months. Kirksville Web Design has a new initiative to always use the responsive web design feature of Google Sites, known as the "Automatically adjust to Mobile" feature. This results in a few design limitations, but a lot of benefits for web property owners, including SEO page rank points. 

As you may know, you have two backgrounds to play with in Google Sites: 1) Background Image and 2) Background Wrapper Image. The wrapper image has a higher z-index, meaning it is layer on top of the background image. You also have background color at your disposal.

We've been designing for a lot of schools lately, which is wonderful. We have a bunch of samples here in this Google Doc. All Google Sites.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

A New Vision for Google Sites

Hello everyone. I was googling around Google Sites information and stumbled upon the work of Neil Creagh - A New Vision for Google Sites.

Neil said it well:

Massive potential
What ever happened to Google Sites? With new template designs and a new CMS interface, the potential reach of Google Sites could be huge.

By removing a lot of the hurdles and costs associated with creating a small business or personal website, Google Sites would be in a really strong position to very quickly become the go-to place for SMEs and individuals who require a new website.

Rumors come and go about Google Sites. With a huge gap in updates, perhaps the direction has been to completely rebuild the system. After all, since transitioned from JotSpot Web Pages, they have probably been groaning with developing on this out-dated platform.

Also, with other platforms, CMS, like Squarespace, Wix, and a large number of no-code easy web builders, the expectations for Google would be much higher. 

Please keep in mind, Google Inc. themselves and many other big companies use Google Sites every day. So sunsetting, retiring the product would only shoot themselves in the foot. Just in case you need that argument.

Will they deliver? 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

5 New Google Sites for Education

Explore 5 Unique Google Sites designed and developed for schools. We promote Google Sites for Edu on our website too. Enjoy these Google Sites examples for your inspiration. 

Bowman Charter School

Del Oro High School

Glide School District

Oakland Unified School District

Placer Hills Union School District

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Google Sites Web Address Mapping to Multiple Domains, Secondary Domains.

In Google Apps for Work, in the past, you could only web address map a Google Sites to a subdomain of the primary domain. Let me explain:
  • You run Google Apps for the Primary Domain:
  • You want to launch a new site on your Alias/Secondary Domain:
This was impossible unless you moved your Google Site off of Google Apps completely and into the free Google Sites/Gmail world. You lose the security, extra hosting space, and other benefits.

Here's what Google had to say in a very recently update:

Complex businesses can require multiple Google Apps domain instances to meet their needs. Previously, certain domain management functionality was restricted to primary domains only, making managing multiple domains a bit cumbersome. With today’s launch, we’re extending several key features to secondary domains to make managing multiple domain instances more seamless:

Web address mapping―have your Google Sites appear under custom URLs for all of your domains, such as, or

So yay!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Creating a Mobile Friendly or Responsive Google Site

About Mobile and Responsive Web Design in Google Sites
Google has produced a Mobile Friendly Test where Google will Analyze your site and determine if it is "mobile friendly" or not. This is somewhat subjective in the age now of Phablets (tablet sized phones) and ever increasing screen sizes (think iPhone 6 plus).

Two Approaches
1. Design for Google Sites Automatic Mobile Adjustment (located in Settings > General > Adjust Site for Mobile)
Example: (see Mobile Ready Material Design template)

The only way for a Google Site to "pass" the Mobile Friendly test is with this approach. However, the test does not care about how things actually look on your site. All it notices to whether you have the "Automatically adjust" setting on. Be Careful! Sometimes this can make your site look much worse on a mobile phone.

2. Design for scaling to a smaller screen size.

Sometimes you are better off using big clear text, images and buttons. The Site will scale to the device and maintain the full website look & feel. I've been to websites where I hate their mobile site and just want to view the real deal.

Buy a Theme
We made a new Google Sites template based on Google's Material Design. It is available here for purchase:

Monday, November 10, 2014

Change is Coming to Google Sites

The New Google Sites Icon
It is no mystery that Google Inc. has a new material design direction. The first revised icon I noticed was Google Maps, but now Google Sites, my favorite application has received some love.

Google Material Design Example - Could this be an upcoming Sites UX?

What can we glean from this new treatment? This is really a game of comparison. Take a look at the old Google Sites icon below.

The first thing I noticed is a full browser experience. Web building platforms like Squarespace has been flaunting this for years. A contemporary, full width, ultimately response experience. Could this be the new future of Google Sites? Obviously there is a lot of speculation that can be done.

I can't wait for the Google Apps for Work site to be refreshed and maybe we'll learn even more.

What do you think?

The Google Sites Icon used to be this.

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